Thursday, January 13, 2011

Introducing Tales of My Ancestors

I'm starting a third blog for a specific purpose: to share, mostly with my relatives, bits of the genealogy and family history I've been researching for many years. I may change the blog title at some point when inspiration strikes, particularly since it should more properly be called "Tales of My Children's Ancestors." That is, from time to time there will be information about my husband's family history. I'll put labels on each post with the family line to which it refers.

Sometimes I'll have a new piece of information, but on other days I'll just tell about somebody who had a special day on that particular day. I have a software program called On This Day which goes together with my genealogy software and will list everyone who had a life event on a particular day. Of course, where photographs are available, I'll be sharing them as well. I hope you will enjoy this blog

The URL of the blog is the same as the title of a very occasional family newsletter that I've done for my mother's side of the family. The earliest Billings to come to Maine was John Billin (as the name was sometimes spelled then) who arrived on the Speedwell in 1635 at Richmond Island off Cape Elizabeth. He was contracted to work as a fisherman for the Trelawney operation. It is not known if this was the same Speedwell that was a sister ship to the Mayflower fifteen years previous. I'll tell more stories about John later in the blog.

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